August 12

Sleeping Village + React Present: The Bird and the Bee with Alex Lilly & Samantha Sidley

8:00 pm

$17 ADV | $19 DOS

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Sleeping Village + React Present: The Bird and the Bee with Alex Lilly & Samantha Sidley

Sleeping Village + React Present: The Bird and the Bee

DOORS: 7PM | SHOW: 8PM | 21+

the bird and the bee:

Inara George and Greg Kurstin, alias the bird and the bee, are an army of two.

They listen to everything, and answer to no one.

Over the course of 3 years, they whiled away scattered afternoons in Greg’s studio in Echo Park, California, sequestered in a little world of their own making, and creating the ten sunshine-drenched, semi-psychedelic ditties you hold before you.

Were these compositions intended for public consumption? Inara and Greg never gave it any thought; they made music together simply for the joy of it. the bird and the bee, their self-titled debut for Metro Blue Records, an imprint of Blue Note Records, is a labor of love.

w/​Alex Lilly
In addition to the writing, arranging, producing, and playing of her own music, Lilly has established a notable career out on the road as a part of the touring bands of such esteemed musicians Beck, Lorde, Ry Cooder, and the bird and the bee. When Lilly’s in L.A, she has stayed busy throughout the years with her own projects such as Obi Best, Tou h , Zero DeZire, and The Living Sisters. 
Now, following-up Paranoid Times,” her debut under her own name, Lilly is bringing all of her talents, ideas, and her singular voice to the table in the form of 2% Milk, her debut full-length album, out Jan. 19th, 2019 via newly-formed Release Me Records.
Samantha Sidley is a jazz vocalist, born-and-raised in Los Angeles, and she likes girls. 
The words I like girls” are the first thing you‟ll hear when Sidley‟s debut album Interior Person (Sept. 13th, Release Me Records) opens. The song is an unassuming anthem, a future standard for an evolving culture. It‟s also a fun and funny ice-breaker that you‟ll sing along with. 
I Like Girls” is a peek into what plays out as a meticulously crafted debut album featuring Sidley‟s beautifully trained voice taking confident ownership of songs written for her to sing by some of the most important women in her life. 
These other girls” include fellow musicians Inara George, Alex Lilly, and Sidley‟s Top One” favorite musician of all-time, her wife, Barbara Gruska. 
Inara and Alex and Barbara wrote songs that are all very personal to my story – they literally are my story – and from my lesbian perspective, which I appreciate so much,” Sidley says. In addition to co-writing many of the songs here, and playing drums (masterfully) on many of the tracks, Gruska also produced Interior Person in a studio constructed in Sidley‟s childhood bedroom (more on that later.) 
She is such a badass,” Sidley says. My record sounds exactly like what I needed it to sound like – the old records I grew up on, mixed with now and the future.” 
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