April 20

ANCHR Mag Presents Blue Dream, Engine Summer, Faux Furrs

9:00 pm


ANCHR Mag Presents Blue Dream, Engine Summer, Faux Furrs

ANCHR Magazine presents:

Slipping through the cracks of the midwestern walls of Chicago is a haze of psychedelia, blues-infused riffs, and garage-dwelling metal induced by Blue Dream. The four-piece band consisting of Justin Sanetra, Anthony Cook, Jimmy Russell, and Danny Awisha recently released their debut album Volume Won; a captivating album with magnetic riffs and grooving bass lines that demand your attention. The band’s electrifying stage presence amplifies their music to the next level, making them one of the city’s best live acts.

Originally kicked off the ground from guitarist & vocalist Jeremy Marsan and previous drummer Phil Courtright, Engine Summer has evolved into a now trio including Ben Kostecki on bass & Ryan Ohm on drums. Engine spends a lot of time working on music, slamming cans, and investing their arguably valuable time making some kind of rock music you can listen to during your lunch break.

Four minds floating in the vibro-continuum. Plucking petals from the quadrants of garage rock, neo-psychedelia, folk rock, and dream pop, Faux Furrs molds a unique sonic dimension. Adam, Michael, Ryan, and Ryan strive to find the notes and meter that exert purity while crafting lyrical landscapes. Faux Furrs’ debut full length album Taxonomy’ is an ambitious 15 track endeavor that spans from grounded garage melodies to ethereal blends of psychedelically spaced out atmospheres.

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