February 1

Born YesterDJs

9:00 pm


Born YesterDJs

Born Yesterday Records is a new Chicago label that prides itself on working with new bands who make music that is political, innovative, and difficult to define. In late 2016, the idea for a record label began to percolate in the minds of Clearance roommates Kevin Fairbairn and Greg Obis. The pair were watching DROOL play a set when Kevin threw out the idea, and Greg thought it would be funny”. 2018 saw the release of their first LP from the vitriolic and abrasively clean Massachusetts based band Landowner, and they’ve kicked off this year with an LP from the local noisy art rock duo DROOL. On February First, Kevin and Greg will be at Sleeping Village spinning some of their favorite songs from past and future releases, as well as some of their favorite punk, post-punk, and indie rock records. They’ll have all their releases in tow and ready to sell them to you too. Please take them seriously!

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