July 7

Bric-A-Brac & Village Video present: BINGO (Brew & View)

8:00 pm


Bric-A-Brac & Village Video present: BINGO (Brew & View)

DOORS: 7PM | SHOW: 8PM | 21+

Bric-A-Brac & Village Video present: BINGO (Brew & View)

Parents need to know that Bingo is a 1991 movie about a gifted dog who travels on paw from Denver to Green Bay to be reacquainted with his master. It’s a painfully unfunny comedy filled with inappropriate behavior from both humans and dogs. Bingo escapes a circus as a woman shoots a rifle at him. The tween boy who adopts Bingo curses (“s – t”), gives his brother the middle finger, and looks at a pornographic magazine. Bad guys put a gun to Bingo’s head and threaten to shoot. A father slips in dog excrement. A cook walks around his kitchen, where there are many caged dogs; he makes reference that the secret ingredient of his hot dogs is dog meat. For dog lovers (or animal lovers in general), there are so many questionable — if not outright offensive — moments that it’s difficult to imagine how this movie was made.

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