December 12

Cordoba /​/​jəˈraf/​/​McKenna/​Harris/​Ali Trio

8:30 pm


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Cordoba / /jəˈraf/ / McKenna/Harris/Ali Trio

Mckenna/​Harris/​Ali Trio is a newly formed group playing original compositions by Wills Mckenna. The trio is based around improvisation as well as drawing from ambient, rock, and shoegaze styles. Wills Mckenna– tenor saxophone, acoustic guitar; Ishmael Ali– guitar, electronics, Bill Harris– drums.

/​jəˈraf/ is a new project rooted in funk, free, jazz, U.K. grime, and futurism. We aim to excite movement, dance, thought, and vivacity. Members include Brianna Tong (Cordoba) – vocals, P.T. Bell (Blackerface) – electric bass, vocals, electronics, Ishmael Ali (Errata) – guitar, electronics, Eli Namay (Devouring the Guilt) – upright bass, Bill Harris (Four Letter Words) – drum set, Fred Jackson (Magic Carpet) – alto saxophone, Wills McKenna (Bison Bison) – tenor saxophone, David Fletcher (S.O.C.) – trombone

Cordoba is a Chicago-based jazz fusion sextet. They play tunes that combine intricate grooves, soulful vocals, and explosive improvisation with a commitment to radical social change.

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