November 13

Dirty Projectors – Tues, Nov 13

9:00 pm


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Dirty Projectors – Tues, Nov 13

Night three of a three-night residency with Dirty Projectors!

Lamp Lit Prose is described as the yang to the yin” of Dirty Projectors. Where that self-titled effort found Longstreth expressing his loneliness through glitchy dance songs, this new record brings back bright guitars and intricate vocal harmonies. A press release describes it as a recommitment to the sounds and ideals of Dirty Projectors, embracing the band’s trademarks while pushing forward the sonic envelope.” As a first listen, Dirty Projectors have shared the video for Break-Thru”, a clear return to new wave-y indie built off dancing guitar work and even harmonica. Longstreth sings of a woman who opens my days like she always knew,” name dropping Julian Casablancas and Middle Earth along the way. Check out the track via its bird-filled clip, directed by Pecknold’s brother Sean Pecknold, below:


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