December 7

Dizzy Invert

7:30 pm

$8 advanace/‚Äč$10 DOS

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Dizzy Invert

Dizzy Invert is a multidisciplinary series highlighting work by female spectrum and queer artists and activists who seek to present their work in a more friendly context than a traditional rock show.

  • Potluck style dinner at 7PM.
  • 7:30PM: Insect and animal demonstration by Aaron Rodrigues, PHD student of entomology and collector of strange animals.
  • 8:00PM: Music by composer Hali Palombo

Hali Palombo is an amateur radio enthusiast and composer. She crafts gentle, but looming sound collage from a vast personal library of shortwave and CB radio recordings, interwoven with optigan, organ, and otherwise. Her influences include Philip Glass, Jorge Luis Borges, and FermiLab National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, IL.

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