April 11

DJ Kou (of Nujabes), Altered Tapes, Charles Mantis, Macedonio Guerra

9:00 pm


DJ Kou (of Nujabes), Altered Tapes, Charles Mantis, Macedonio Guerra

DJ Kou is a turntablist, DJ, and beat-maker from Japan. He began DJing at clubs around 1995. As a beatmaker/​producer, he has released three original albums and one collaboration album so far. Based on his background in Hip-Hop, he has adopted scratching, effects, and other ideas and techniques in his DJing and built borderless relations with musicians of various genres.

He has scratch credits on songs of artists like, Terri Lyne Carrington, Shing02, Nujabes, Planet Asia and more.

DJ Kou has participated in competitions around the world as well:

ZEBRA Records Dj Battle 1st place in San Francisco 1999
DMC World championships JAPAN finalist 1999
ITF World championships Japan champion 1999
ITF World championships World Finalists 1999
KMEL 106.1Mhz Radio Station Dj Battle1st place in San Francisco 1999

Drawing inspiration from decades of Funk, Latin, Jazz and Hip-Hop music, Altered Tapes remixes /​re-edits /​reworks the classics. Extracting their basic elements and then reconstructing into dance floor bangers.

The production /​DJ duo consists of Maker& DJ Trew. Fueled by a passion for crate digging, original breaks, and timeless music, the overall concept of the project is to elevate the art of the remix to unexplored levels. Their creations remain true to the original artists & songs, while at the same time becoming completely new compositions.

Charles Mantis:

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