March 1

LHST Presents: Empress Of, Salt Cathedral

9:00 pm


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LHST Presents: Empress Of, Salt Cathedral

Can I make it clear?” Lorely Rodriguez asks within the opening moments of her debut album, Me. If clarity is what she seeks, Lorely has found it: her voice upfront, every word audible and strong. Her singular voice is the centerpiece of Me, her first full-formed vision of an album, following her previously shorter and more abstract releases as Empress Of. Don’t tell me who I am,” she sings seconds later.

While Me was made in solitude, Us is a product of community… On Us, Rodriguez’s dance club euphoria bursts with confidence. She built Me around hyper-specific anecdotes from her life… True to its title, Us focuses on shared experiences. ” – Pitchfork

Salt Cathedral is comprised of Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada. Influenced by tropical sounds and channeling the liveliness and dance culture of the pair’s Colombian upbringing, their music combines elements of trip-hop and ambient genres with folkloric influences from many cultures — resulting in a new and unique brand of well-crafted and culturally relevant pop music.

Onstage, the band combines live instrumentals, electronics, and choreographed lighting to create an immersive environment of crackling energy” (Pitchfork.)

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