August 14

$1 Beer Night: Faux Furrs, Liam Kazar, Lane Beckstrom

9:30 pm

$5 DOOR | $1 HAMM’S

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$1 Beer Night: Faux Furrs, Liam Kazar, Lane Beckstrom

DOORS: 9:00PM | MUSIC: 9:30PM | 21+

$1 Beer Night is a weekly concert series that makes going out to hear great music more affordable.

Faux Furrs:

Plucking petals from the corners of neo-psychedelia, garage rock, & dream pop, FAUX FURRS is an ever-evolving organism. Presently residing in Chicago, Ryan, Shuck, Lena, Nol, and Chris carefully mold a fresh soundscape with lofty lyric, melody, and timbre. While reaching for these great heights, the group always recognizes its footing and builds solid structures with a door for every listener.
Five minds churning together, these sonic explorers are continuously finding new dimensions of their sprawling sound.

Liam Kazar:

Borrowing elements from Rock, R&B and Jazz, Lane Beckstrom looks to make music that fills the soul and stimulates the mind. The songs may take unexpected turns but Lane’s voice serves as the bridge between some disparate sounds. Taking center stage as a singer is a brand new musical exploration for Lane who can normally be seen playing bass and drums for acts such as Knox Fortune, The JuJu Exchange, Resavoir and Liam Kazar.

Venue bar is CASH ONLY.

Everyone is here to have a good time, so let’s make sure we take care of each other. Please help us keep Sleeping Village safe for everyone by taking a moment to read our Code of Conduct.

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