May 25

Hi-ker, Rafting, Copilot, Spyder Ryde – In The Pit

9:00 pm


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Hi-ker, Rafting, Copilot, Spyder Ryde – In The Pit

In The Pit is a series of shows that brings artists off the stage and up close and personal with the listener.

Local Spins on Hi-Ker, The songwriting is top-notch, replete with gorgeous melodies and lyrics that give purpose to the work as a whole… Do yourself a favor and listen to Lippe” with headphones – it’s a deep dive for which it’s worth hearing every note.”

Rafting forges an eclectic collage of sounds. On .01ep, Eno-esque pads, thick bass and bright arpeggios provide the melodic backdrop for literary lyrics.” – Mad Platinum

Copilot is a side project of Chicago band Faux Furrs.

Spyder Ryde is dream pop band from Chicago, Illinois.

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