August 17

Joan of Arc, Jenny Pulse, Orphan Schlitz

9:00 pm

$12 advance /​$15 door

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Joan of Arc, Jenny Pulse, Orphan Schlitz

Over their 20-odd year discography, Joan of Arcs astute, endlessly probing musical experimentation — steadfastly resistant to dogma and genre at every turn — has been chorused by a barrage of voices, mostly from the singular larynx of mainstay Tim Kinsella, who remains endlessly obsessed with (and infuriated by) Orwellian language and it’s dominion over American life. Richard Brautigan, Mark Twain, Elizabeth Taylor, and Assata Shakur might visit his lyrics, but it’s the band itself that contains multitudes. Throughout Joan of Arc, Kinsella and his bandmates have hewn together a true artistic democracy — some two dozen members over the years — to confront the darkening political realities and interpersonal mysteries of our time. Like their namesake — a donee of revelation who became a fierce holy warrior, only to be discarded by a king and burned at the stake as a heretic — Joan of Arc has inspired their share of true believers and dismayed legions of skeptics.

Experimental and electronic dream maker JENNY PULSE (fka Spa Moans) offers their soothing and atmospheric lo-fi synth pop with celebration. Her ethereal and naturally positioned percussive compositions act as a metaphysical rub down, a massage of music if you will. Take a deep breath, plant yourself and release as you filter through the bullshit with mood purveyor supreme, JENNY PULSE.

Marc Bubblebath’s (English Softhearts) side project, Orphan Schlitz, is an eccentric lo-fi maniac with dysfunctional cut-ups, 8-track gone bonkers; angsty fun.

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