August 24

MAMA, Robbie Skye, DC Sniper, DJ Jeremy Cargill

10:00 pm

$6 advance/​$8 door

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MAMA, Robbie Skye, DC Sniper, DJ Jeremy Cargill

Got Kinda Lost Records Presents…

Led by the man of consider coiffure, Christopher DeArcangelis, Chicago-based miscreants MAMA find the lean line between the heavier end of 70s AOR and pre-’76 power pop with some added power borrowed from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (or NWOBHM), at times even sounding like the beginnings of the Glam/​Hair Metal-era before latex, hairspray and considerable budgets blew the trend into oblivion.

Chicago-based Robbie Skye —stage name for singer/​songwriter Robbie Hamilton — leads a synth-heavy and harmony-laden combo suggesting the sort of power pop-leaning material put forth by ELO & Fleetwood Mac in their mid-‘70s prime, executed with confidence and passion to spare.

While local angular post-punk outfit DC Sniper opens the night with frenetic activity, sure to get all primed for a night of aural excitement.

DJ Jeremy Cargill (Planet Fever w/​Jeremy Cargill – Got Kinda Lost /​NTS) spins the platters that matter before, between and after the acts…
Copies of the new Eye In The Sky’ EP on Got Kinda Lost, as well as the two new reissues of Giuda’s first two singles, limited edition embroidered patches and GKL back-catalog items will also be available to purchase at the show…
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