April 21

New Canyons, Star Tropics, Pixel Grip

9:00 pm


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New Canyons, Star Tropics, Pixel Grip

New Canyons teeter on the edges of Shoegaze, Dreampop, Electronic, Ambient, and Noise.

Star Tropics began as a bass & guitar duo huddled around a drum machine and has since evolved into a four-piece indie-pop band determined to write carefree, primary-colored pop songs. Blending boy/​girl vocals on top of jangly Rickenbacker leads, a healthy dose of fuzzy rhythms and the pulse of a driving beat, their songs are equal parts celebratory and introspective.

Rita Lukea and Jonathan Freund, a duo self-described as Disco Delinquents”, have been crafting infectious synth-pop jams since 2014 as Pixel Grip. The two met as art/​geek misfits proudly sporting Crystal Castles and Depeche Mode t-shirts while the rest of the student body were blaring modern country music out of their raised pickup trucks adorned with truck nutz. In spite of the uninspired atmosphere of their hometown, the two developed a taste for bands like Air, Daft Punk, Tobacco, French Electronica and Chicago House. Jonathan’s black magic analog synthesizer arrangements and Rita’s eccentric voice are a continuation of the time-tested formula of male/​female synth-pop duos that came before them.

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