June 7


7:00 pm



FREE outdoor show on our patio from 7PM-8PM!

The result of a two-year residency on the Lower East Side’s Delancey St. station, Pinc Louds pair together jazz ballads with broken bottles, doo-wop harmonies with drunk phone calls, and punk ditties with public announcements. With her sweet and raspy voice, lead singer Claudi sings a coming-of-gender story, a search for soul, body, and a man called Miguel Segura. She urges you to capture dreams, welcome werewolves, and let roaches in your hair, like you just don’t care.

When an artist cites Billie Holliday, Daniel Johnston, Pixies and Os Mutantes as their influences, it can be easy to assume they are confusing artists they admire with artists they genuinely take inspiration from. Pinc Louds, however, pull off this combination with flair.”
– The Deli Magazine

Fusing alternative with doowop and soul, Pinc Louds truly create their own genre. Claudi cited poems, wailed, screamed, and sung both soft and strong. The music was so personal, like the raw tunes we shout while alone in the shower. Claudi impressed the audience, picking up a different instrument every song. Her whimsical stage presence projected confidently. Pinc Louds inspired the listeners to let go of their reservations, as their unique music encourages others to be true to themselves, no matter how different or strange.”

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