June 22

Perfect Sides with Mary Wells & Mike McGee

1:00 pm


Perfect Sides with Mary Wells & Mike McGee
FREE | 21+
Perfect Sides is a weekend day hang with two of our friends playing their favorite album sides from start-to-finish. This month we welcome our guests Mary Wells and Mike McGee.
Mary Wells: Longtime hireling in the Arts and Music realms. Comfort Station Logan Square is my child. Not of this world, but definitely a Texan.
Mike McGee: In Spring 2011, Mike decided to turn down President Obama’s re-election campaign (his first real job offer) to co-found The Starter League, the first coding bootcamp in the United States. Before The Starter League, Mike’s greatest claim to fame was that his High School mascot was a pretzel. He’s an extremely online person which allows him to binge watch shows faster than any other human (challengers accepted), make weekly music playlists (search This Week In Jams” on your streaming platform of choice), and run ScreenGods, a TV review blog on Medi​um​.com. When he does go outside, you’ll usually find him in a cat shirt at the Whistler or Sleeping Village.

Mike is currently the Director of Special Projects at AnitaB​.org, a nonprofit social enterprise committed to increasing the representation of women technologists in the global workforce.

Sponsored by Reckless Records.
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