May 11

Lightfoils, Roommate, SiP

9:00 pm

$10 advance/​$12 door

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Lightfoils, Roommate, SiP

Lightfoils pushes the shoegaze genre into new territory with hazy soundscapes, ringing guitar, icy synth, feather-light vocals, and actual compelling tunes.

Roommate began as a Kent Lambert solo project in NYC in 2000 and has been an ever-mutating Chicago band since 2004. The band’s 2011 album, GUILTY RAINBOW, was praised by Tiny Mixtapes as, “…one of those rare albums that starts out great and gets better over its 45-minute length”.

SiP is Jimmy Lacy’s most personal project to date; meaningful synths and calmed rhythms clear the space to think about your life and some of the decisions you’ve been making, without judgement.

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