October 18

SACRED presents Oaxaca-Ganza

7:00 pm

$75, $150, $200 + Up

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SACRED presents Oaxaca-Ganza

SACRED presents Oaxaca-Ganza

A fundraiser for Manantial Telesecundaria at Villa de Zaachila, Oaxaca, Mexico

Please join SACRED for an evening of live musicdelicious food and rare spirits on Thursday, October 18th at Sleeping Village.

The festivities will feature live music by Not For Profit, food provided by Prairie Grass Café: two-time James Beard Award-winning chef Sarah Stegner and her partner, chef George Bumbaris. Agave spirits enthusiast Lou Bank – SACREDs board chairman – will be on-hand to pour samples of a bevy of exquisite agave spirits that are not commercially available in the U.S. We’ll also have a drawing at which several great items can be won, including bottles of some of the aforementioned spirits.

SACRED, a U.S.-based 501c3 Not-for-Profit charitable organization has teamed up with a programmatic organization in Mexico, SiKanda, to assist Manantial Telesecundaria, the middle school in Villa de Zaachila, its students and their families by providing scholarshipsschool supplies and other needed assistance. As we all know, education is the key to affecting lasting change and we want to do all we can to help Manantial Telesecundaria and the families who are a part of it. SACREDs mission is to improve the quality of life for our entire species, and our belief is that improving life for children in rural Mexico will benefit all human beings.

The estimated value of this event is $25. One hundred percent of your ticket price above that amount is tax-deductible. Every ticket includes admission to the event. Your ticket options are:

Espadin: $75, which funds one month of water for the agricultural program at Manantial Telesecundaria

Papalome: $150, which funds four hundred baby agave plants grown by the students at Manantial Telesecundaria to be gifted to a mezcalero

Tobala: $200, which funds a scholarship to help one child in Zaachila attend high school for one year

Arroqueno: $350, which funds a stipend for one classroom mother for one year

Tepextate: $500, which funds the fertilizer to support all 10,000 agave plants grown by the students at Manantial Telesecundaria for a whole year

If you cannot attend and would like to make a donation, please click here.

Thank you for supporting SACRED, a USA-based, 501c3 not-for-profit that uses traditional and artisanal agave spirits from rural Mexico to help improve the quality of life in the communities where those spirits are made. Learn more at sacreda​gave​.org

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