March 23

Sam Riggs, Read Southall

9:00 pm

$12 advance/​$15 DOS

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Sam Riggs, Read Southall

Sam Riggs was flying a single-engine plane from Austin, Texas, to San Angelo in the spring of 2017 when he heard the oddest sound: Nothing. Catastrophic engine failure. He’d lost all power, and had about 6,500 feet to figure out how to escape a potentially fatal problem.

There was,” he admits, a moment of panic, a moment that felt very surreal.”

But Riggs pulled it together. With the help of air traffic control, he found an abandoned airstrip on a Lone Star cattle ranch and touched down without a scratch. One of his most perilous moments ended up becoming one of his smoothest landings as a pilot.

It’s something of a metaphor for Riggs’ life. He’s a wild live performer, an inveterate risk-taker and an enthusiastic adventurer. As a self-sustaining, independent singer/​songwriter, he’s taken a leap of faith on more than one occasion, always willing to back up his plunges with a voracious amount of work. So he shrugs it off a bit when he thinks about how close he came to the edge in his aviation exercise.

That’s just how my life has always gone,” Riggs says with a laugh. I’ve sort of become used to it.”

The Read Southall Band was formed in Stillwater, OK in 2015 by four college friends (Read Southall, Reid Barber, JT Perry, Jeremee Knipp). Read released Six String Sorrow” in 2015 which featured nine songs. This demo record took the Oklahoma college scene by storm and the band began to tour full time around the soutwestern United States. In 2017 the Read Southall Band released their debut full band record titled Borrowed Time”.

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