March 19

Sid Sriram, Jake Sherman

8:00 pm

$15 advance/​$18 DOS

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Sid Sriram, Jake Sherman



Singer/​songwriter/​producer Sid Sriram represents a collision point of radically different worlds; a true hybridist. Sriram was born in Chennai, India. His family moved to the San Francisco/​Bay Area suburbs when he was one. This duality of cultural roots was integral in forming Sriram’s personal and artistic identity. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production and Engineering; here is where he started exploring and building his own sound. Sid Sriram’s music creates a bold cross section where Pop/​Soul, his Indian Classical roots and alternative/​ambient music clash vibrantly.

Jake Shermans new album, Jake Sherman Returns exists as the sum of all of his life experiences up to this point. It features orchestral arrangements, drum machines, sped up vocals, vintage keyboards and MORE THINGS. It is the fuller realization of a lot of his earlier experiments.

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