June 12

Stef Chura, Richard Album, Bunny

8:30 pm


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Stef Chura, Richard Album, Bunny

Stef Chura’s debut studio album, Messes, is born of her years of experience playing around the Michigan underground, setting up DIY shows in the area, and moving around the state. Right when it starts to feel like home/It’s time to go,” she sings literally on its opening cut, Slow Motion’, a twisty, dim-lit guitar pop song where she curls and stretches every word. There are worlds of emotion in the ways Chura pronounces phrases with twang and grit, alternatingly full of despair, playfulness, and abandon. Chura calls her music emotional collage,” eschewing start-to-finish storylines in favour of writing intuitively about feelings, drawing from experiences and references related to a certain sentiment.

Beloved DIY superstar Richard Album first took the stage in Chicago in 2012, singing songs from his first record You Can Call Me Album” accompanied by backing tracks pumping through an iPod. He left a trail of sweat and glitter that has followed him ever since. After assembling his backing band, The Singles, Richard has tried on, and looked damn good in, numerous hats.

Bunny toes the bleary line between dream pop and bedroom rock. Their tunes take on a soft grunge feel, mixing dainty, pretty melodies with hazy, sardonic lyrics and juxtaposing the music with a dramatic stage presence.”

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