August 3

Townes Night

8:00 pm


Townes Night
We’re looking forward to hearing some music on our patio! Won’t you join us?
Townes Night is Angela James, Jordan Martins, and Ben Clarke performing the songs of Townes Van Zandt. The project started about three years ago quite simply because it sounded like fun to get together and play some Townes songs.” The group did just that for a wonderful year + as a monthly residency at the now defunct (and greatly missed) Analogue. While at Analogue they refined their approach. They dedicated themselves to delicate, intimate arrangements that hang on an eerily, glacial delivery. Angela James and Ben Clarke trade off lead vocals and often sing in harmony. The mood is further entranced by Jordan Martins’ pedal steel work slinking in and out with mini bursts of orchestration and bittersweet melody.
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