July 19

Grandkids, Wilder Maker, Half Gringa

9:00 pm


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Grandkids, Wilder Maker, Half Gringa

Grandkids have discovered a singular combination of indie, rock, jazz, and pop that makes one want to dance and cry — not necessarily at the same time. But the emotion is there. The groove is there. The musicianship from these longtime friends and collaborators is apparent in the execution of fine-penned songs. Noisy guitars, smooth cello lines, and insane beats and dynamics are all brought to life at will, as the four become Grandkids with each song, like a flower endlessly blooming.


A cosmic American band from Brooklyn, NY. Wilder Maker is mapping the world one corner at a time.

Half Gringa is the songwriting project of Izzy Olive. An emotional scab-picker, her work explores the confluence of Latinx and Midwestern identity.

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