Sleeping Village

$1 Beer Night:

cam, Don’t Be Kendall, Jay Foster

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, December 07
DOORS: 8:30pm | SHOW: 9pm

By way of Joliet, Illinois, cam embodies their raw, truest self and all that shapes their candid spirit through unconcerned expression in their vulnerable lyrics. Although they possess an unrivaled pleasant essence, there are deep-seated emotions that they continue to confront with unshakable conviction as they evolve in their career. The transdimensional, gritty voice of the Chicagoan artist is temperamental, compassioned, sharp, aware, and unparalleled.

Considering the vast range of sound and storytelling currently forming this new generation of Chicago artists, it comes as no surprise that Don’t Be Kendall finds influence across all sides of the city. Though hailing from the South Side, Kendall also credits the people he met during his trips up north for helping shape his current boundary-pushing sound. From his attraction to soul samples and vocal chops to his use of more layered, bass-heavy beats, Don’t Be Kendall effortlessly blends these influences to form a unique sound while still paying respect to Chicago hip-hop. With witty bars, infectious confidence, and a little bit of shameless flexing, there’s no hesitancy in saying that Don’t Be Kendall is a name to keep tabs on.

Jay Foster is an Upcoming Alternative rap Artist coming from the west side of Chicago. Taking in sounds from all angles combined with some over the top rhyme schemes and hard hitting beat selection. He prides his ability of keeping his composure and staying in control in big crowd settings. Jay Foster is an all around potential star and he’s only improving by the day.