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$1 Beer Night:

Damager, Anything is Everything, big bird.

Ages 21 and up
Monday, April 03
DOORS: 8:30pm | SHOW: 9pm

Chicago’s resident “lake-punk” power trio Damager have a bone to pick with standing still. Evoking the soaring melodies of 70s pub rock through the fuzzy adrenaline of Green Day and Husker Du, they bring a fiery, triumphant performance to every stage. Get on your kilt and crack a beer, it’ll be a good time.

Anything is Everything — self-proclaimed “Chicago’s Wurst Punk Band” — is a four piece outfit formed in 2018 with one plan: rule the world. The group has evolved past its original pop-punk influences of blink-182 and Taking Back Sunday into the harsher tones that underlie their newer album, “a tragic optimism”, which was released in February 2023.

Heavy shit from Chicago.

FFO: Turnstile, ETiD, Helmet, Glassjaw, cease & desist letters from puppets.