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$1 Beer Night:

Samuel Aaron, Greg Freeman, Snake Pond

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, February 15
DOORS: 8:30pm | SHOW: 9pm

Originally from Portland, now based in Chicago, Samuel Aaron is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist whose music blends styles of soul, pop, and alternative rock. His songs have been hailed by critic Anthony Fantano as “pretty, sweet, and a little raw” and by rapper Danny Brown as “a vibe.”

“Vulnerable and refreshing, Sam’s music satisfies a degree of nostalgic lingering we all walk around with…” – These Days Magazine

Greg Freeman deals in biblical deluges, apocalyptic fever dreams, Floridian miscreants, and green mountain malaise. On his debut LP “I Looked Out”, Gregs’s voice takes center stage, creaking, crooning, and cutting through clouds of static. The songs are linked together by a palpable urgency, whether it is the punch-in-the-face, careening momentum of “Tower,” the country-gazing guitar squall of “Souvenir Heart,” or the singalong finale of “Palms.” Careful arrangements and production choices bring out the best of the 7-piece band that ornament the album with pedal steel, horns, eerie strings, and tape warbles. Greg’s strong narrative songwriting is equally effective chronicling the demise of a 1920s ocean liner as it is documenting his own interpersonal uncertainties. The sounds on the record conjure up the feeling of driving around Chittenden County in the middle of winter, high beams on, slush on the floor mats.

Formed in Chicago, Snake Pond brings a fresh sound to the ever-developing Midwest scene. Blending the genres of folk, alternative indie, and rock, this 5-piece keeps things innovative within their sound. Snake Pond released their debut EP Thelma Lou on all platforms in November 2022, but aren’t stopping there. They’ve got more releases to come in the new year!