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$1 Beer Night:

Spread Joy, WAD, Brady

Ages 21 and up
Tuesday, January 17
DOORS: 8:30pm | SHOW: 9pm

Spread Joy

“A dream for short-attention-span punks; imagine an elastic gymnast doing a jittery floor routine to the Suburban Lawns. These wirey, zig-zag punks from Chicago make good on their band name and will bring happiness to old schoolers who love Y Pants and new schoolers into the NWI scene á la the most excellent Coneheads. Spread Joy’s absurdly weird and wonderful angles make them the Picasso of the Midwest (minus the macho BS). Creation and destruction in under a minute? Yes please” – Maximum RNR


Unsettling emotional art punk gives textures of scrap metal banging on your brain.

“My all-time favorite punk record all the way through: 100% what I always wanted from one: uncompromisingly honest, raw – understanding, hurting, growing, all in your face with nowhere to go but learn from it and play it back again.” – Kevin Greenspon, Bridgetown Records

Brady is the perfect blend of hick shit, innuendo, & a sad story.