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$1 Beer Night:

Yours, Mookie * Harold * xyzxyz

Ages 21 and up
Tuesday, December 13
DOORS: 8:30pm | SHOW: 9pm

Yours, Mookie is the solo project of Mercedes Webb (Slow Mass, Furbie). After a decade of sharing the stage with musicians turned friends turned family, she sets off on her own journey to make space for who she has become.  Seeking relation has always been the priority for the Chicago native.  Although the endeavor of solo work seemed to fall to the bottom, it never stopped gnawing.  After endless days in no man’s land, somewhere between self loathing and hesitant pride, Yours, Mookie was born.  Her first EP, S P I L L, takes you on a 5 song exploration of the tenderness that has accompanied her through her 20’s.  Fresh from one of the hardest years to date, she clings to the love she’s felt, even the painful bits.  


xyzxyz is a newly formed punk outfit made up of members from Pylons and Wet Tropics. They recorded their debut album in early 2022 and are releasing their first singles this fall.