Behind the Beer at SV: Dutchbag Brewery x Eats Ghosts

Sun, May 28 12:00
We are celebrating Illinois Craft Beer Week with a Memorial Day Patio Party at SV, joined by our friends from @dutchbagbeer and @eat.ghosts. Keep an eye out for the full food menu, exclusive beers available, and more. This event is free to the public from 12:00 - 5:00 PM on Sun, May 28th. About Dutchbag Brewery We hope to enlighten your childhood sense of adventure. taking us both down a path of exploration & discovery BUT not taking ourselves too seriously is part of that process. We came into this industry as artists first, not brewers. Our fascination w/ the history & agricultural story of beer has kept us on a path to crafting something new. Dutchies stay loose.
Doors open - 12:00 PM


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