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Chicago Debut:

Teen Mortgage

w/ Totally Cashed + Demo Division

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, April 05
DOORS: 8pm | SHOW: 9pm
ADV $12 / DOS $15

Garage punk two piece Teen Mortgage climbed out of Washington DC’s primordial hardcore soup in 2017. Drenched in the left – over fuzz and sludge of their local scene, the duo quickly bulldozed their way to a regional reputation after assaulting the publics’ ears on incessant east coast tours and opening for notable bands such as Ron Gallo, Surf Curse, Big Business, Alex Lahey, The Chats, Bass Drum of Death, JEFF The Brotherhood, Mike Krol, The Coathangers, Meatbodies etc.

In June 2019, Teen Mortgage sicced their ruthless Life/Death EP on the world through Brooklyn, NY’s King Pizza Records. It has since sold out its limited cassette run and album cuts have earned sync deals with Vans Shoes, Evil Bikes, and Showtime series Shameless. Washington, DC’s tinnitus transmitting twosome, Teen Mortgage, returned post-pandemic with SMOKED, their sophomore release through greasy Brooklyn cassette slingers, King Pizza Records. Once again, the duo were back to smack you over the head with seething surf punk riffs setting the scene to explain this cultural wasteland they call America.


There’s never any question about whether or not someone has been to a Totally Cashed Show, they’re impossible to forget. Guitars flying through the air and smashing on the ground, people jumping off stage into mosh pits and crowdsurfing with instruments, Totally Cashed is a loose tiger with an appetite. On top of their notorious stage presence, they’re also the Bagel Kings of Chicago; dishing out homemade bagels at DIY events and collaborating with local restaurants and chefs to destroy your taste buds just like they destroy your hearing. Grease up your ears with their new EP, “Totally Totally Cashed Cashed” and get ready for unhinged, unchained, unwarranted chaos! Are they punk? Are they country? WHO CARES? IT’S TOTALLY F***ING CASHED!

Demo Division is a four-piece rock band based out of Chicago. Drawing influence from bands like Superheaven, Basement and Joyce Manor, the group packs a powerful punch that is complimented perfectly by their ridiculously catchy hooks.