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Cocoa Greene

w/ Reivers, Rose Bud

Ages 21 and up
Monday, February 13
DOORS: 7:30pm | SHOW: 8pm
ADV $8 / DOS $10

Cocoa Greene’s work is an audibly fossilized collection of feelings both light and dark. Cocoa Greene are a alternative rock band from Chicago, IL, formed in 2014. The band consists of Carlin Hobbs (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), and Alex Kennedy (Drums). Cocoa Greene are under Press Pot Recordings (Dark Matter Coffee) and released their debut album, Hypnagogia, in 2019, showcasing the bands dramatic guitar riffs, chunky bass, and classical influences.


out of the Ashes of Alma Negra, original members Erin Page (vox, guitar) and Greg Hamilton (guitar) joined Alan Mayne and (drums) and Dave Frush to form Reivers.

I’m Rose Bud, a singer-songwriter, baby blue guitar playing, brutally honest lyricist. I’ve been told I make music for crying or making out to.