DBN: Fugu Dugu, Vox Maris, Katet

Wed, Aug 9 9:00PM

**FUGU DUGU** is a gypsy punk band inspired by the fields of Moldova, the mountains of Romania, railroads of Russia and a touch of Americana. Remember, you can mix your music genres, but the CDC does not recommend that you mix your alcohols.

**Vox Maris**-Chicago, an American – Romanian rock band, came into existence in Chicago in 2011. Adopting a musical style called “Transylvanian Rock”, the group has grown naturally, as a fusion between Transylvanian traditions and a constantly evolving, modern American music scene.  In 2015, Vox Maris-Chicago released their first album titled “Travelers through dreams”, reflecting  on the clashes brought forth by the old and  the new ways of being.  Later on, in 2019, the band released their 2nd album titled “Bread and Salt “.The group is in the process of recording a third album, scheduled to be released  in early November.

Katherine leads her four-piece band, **Katet** as singer-songwriter and pianist. When tonality is achieved in an utterly unpredictable way, Katherine feels satisfied with her songwriting. Complex harmonies matched with mixed meters, drones and repetitive vocal lines equals Katet.

Doors open - 9:00 PM


General Admission $5
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