$1 Beer Night

DBN: Paper Bee, Julia Blair Quartet, Mukiss, Al Scorch

Tue, Jul 11 8:00PM


Paper Bee is a Philly based rock band with choral elements and deep basement roots. Soon after originally forming in New England in 2015, Paper Bee recorded the split record Now I Know You And See How Wide You Are To The World with Loone. After a few years of small tours and local shows, the band took a several year hiatus when songwriter Nick Berger moved to Philadelphia. A new iteration of the band came together during early pandemic times in 2020 to record their first full length album, Thaw, Freeze, Thaw.

Julia Blair was born of this world as a force to smother the disquieting agents of despair- and as a gentle soul that no-less employs her mighty voice to speak truth to power. Those who know her personally know this, and those who have heard her sing know this as well. On her debut solo album for Crutch of Memory Enterprises, Better Out Than In, Julia proclaims her fondness for self-expression and demonstrates her aptitude for dynamics: from the explosive nature of a pop hook to the firm, comforting grip of a lullaby.

Mukiss is members of Saintseneca from Columbus Ohio playing dreamy and devastating indie jams.

Al Scorch grew up in Chicago, with its storied history of corrupt power at the top and righteous fighters and big dreamers at the bottom. From the town that gave the world characters like Studs Terkel, Upton Sinclair, and the anarchists in Bughouse Square, Scorch adds his voice to the choir with the enthusiasm and charisma of a Maxwell Street preacher.

Al Scorch
Julia Blair
Paper Bee
Doors open - 8:00 PM
Paper Bee
Julia Blair Quartet
Al Scorch


General Admission $5
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