Fri, Nov 3 9:00PM

$14 Adv, $16 Dos + Fees | 21+

Chicago-based Djunah spotlights the talents of Donna Diane, who pulls triple duty, simultaneously playing guitar, singing, and pulverizing a Moog bass organ with her foot — a feat some have described as “mind-blowing.” Drawing a broad range of comparisons from Diamanda Galás to Melvins, Djunah (pronounced “JUNE-uh”) pairs her powerful, unrestrained vocals and abrasive guitar with punishing drums courtesy of drummer Jared Karns (Their/They’re/There, Hidden Hospitals).

NO MEN make sultry, subversive and seething lady rock; melding blistering riffs, breakneck rhythms and powerful vocals into rhythmic, explosive catharsis for their fellow queers, freaks and geeks–music that doesn’t quite fit into any particular category for people who don’t quite fit into any particular category.

Ovef Ow (rhymes with “Woah, Jeff, wow!”) formed in the spring of 2015. The band’s lineup features Marites Velasquez (bass/vocals), Sarah Braunstein (drums/vocals), Kyla Denham (synth) and Nick Barnett (guitar). The quartet has built a following in the Chicago indie-music scene around their artsy post-punk multi-vocalist sound. They draw influences from the surf-pop of the B-52s, the driving intensity of Sleater-Kinney and Sonic Youth, and the unconventional art rock of bands like Talking Heads and Electrelane. Their sound’s wide appeal has led them to sharing bills with everyone from Big Thief to Meat Wave.

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Ovef Ow
No Men
Doors open - 8:30 PM
Bar Opens - 6:00 PM


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