Ethiocolor + Wendy Clinard Dance Quartet (World Music Festival)

Sun, Sep 24 3:00PM

Free Event – RSVP | 21+

Founded in 2009 by the charismatic Melaku Belay, who has made his Fendika Cultural Center in Addis Ababa a global gathering place, Ethiocolor draws deeply from the bardic well of Ethiopia’s diverse heritage. Their revelatory practice is an ecstatic symbiosis of dance and music, of tradition and modernity. 

Nourished by diverse Ethiopian music and dance traditions and cross-cultural exchange, Ethiocolor presents energetic, free-spirited sounds and movements that are at once culturally specific and internationally resonant. 

Clinard Dance, now in it’s 24th season, began their Flamenco Quartet Project in 2014. Led by an open minded spirit of collaboration,the Project engages contemporary culture through vibrant performances that honor traditional flamenco and their shared passion for music and dance discovery. The unique camaraderie within the group retains the intimacy and spontaneity unique to small ensemble work. Quartet artists: Singer Jose Diaz “Cachito”, guitarist Andrea Salcedo, Percussionist Diego Alvarez and Dancer Wendy Clinard.

Since 2021 the Flamenco Quartet Project has been dedicated to connecting the flamenco perspective to local artists from jazz, blues, and hip-hop backgrounds. We’ve learned that flamenco is a foundation for understanding authentic blues, jazz and spoken word styles and traditions. 

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