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Hannah Lieb

w/ doc, Toadvine

Ages 21 and up
Sunday, December 04
DOORS: 7:30pm | SHOW: 8pm
ADV $12 / DOS $14

In the suburbs of St. Louis and into a family where strong women and sweet voices coincided, Hannah Lieb was destined to become a singer-songwriter. Home videos show Hannah belting songs, dancing around the living room or playing guitar and piano with her sisters—it’s clear from an early age that Hannah was destined for the limelight, and she has worked hard since to be up on stage. At the age of 13, on an antique, out-of-tune, upright piano passed down by her great-grandmother, Hannah found her songwriting voice. From middle-school drama to high school heartbreak to post-college growth, Hannah has crafted a songwriting style that focuses on love and loss, but more importantly, the relationship one can build with themselves through both. With quirky lyrics and the ability to flip from a hearty belt to a sweet falsetto in an instant, Hannah lets her listeners know they are not alone. She’s spread this message wide in her beloved Chicago, which she moved to in 2018. Hannah has frequented bars and venues as a devoted patron and performer, hosted backyard shows to showcase local talent and most recently was invited to play at the California Clipper. While she used to perform solo or with makeshift band combos, she feels as though she is finally complete with her new band. Alongside lead guitarist Dove Hollis, bassist Adrian Politzer and drummer Manae Hammond, the band hopes to record their debut album and embark on tour in 2023-2024.


doc is the first sip of hot coffee on a brisk autumn drive. The spell-breaking kiss from your one true love. The second sip of hot coffee on that same drive. With eclectic indie rock stylings, doc harness the power of friendship to craft songs about seagulls, dreams, questions, and dogs.

Toadvine is a 6-piece alt-country band from Chicago. Their sound starts with a kind of nostalgic Grand Ole Opry sweetness, which is then tempered with a bit of a darker, more post-punky indie rock energy. As described so succinctly by local writer Emma Demski – “Their music is made for those who grew up listening to Willie Nelson because of their parents and then found rock music in their teens; they (are) a country band through osmosis. I know that each of the band members had a really intense deep dive into Neil Young, and if they hadn’t yet…boy, they’re in for an awakening.” Very well put, thank you Emma. (FWIW, each member of Toadvine has taken that Neil dive and are better people for it.) The band has spent the last year performing, writing, and recording; and will be releasing a new EP in spring of 2023.