Sleeping Village

Kal Marks

w/ Salvation, Gentle Heat

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, September 07
DOORS: 8pm | SHOW: 9pm
$12 / Day Of : $15

Veterans of the Boston music scene, Kal Marks have been pushing themselves and their sound for over a decade. Known for their explosive live show and cathartic aggression, Kal Marks has been met with critical acclaim from outlets like NPR, Fader, and Stereogum. Their tireless work ethic keeps them out on the road, throughout the US, Europe and the UK. Known for being one of the loudest and heaviest “indie rock” bands out there, they’ve shared bills with Big Business, Black Midi, METZ, and True Widow. The band will be releasing their fourth full-length album My Name Is Hell on Exploding in Sound. Recorded at Machines With Magnets studio it is the first with the expanded four piece lineup with guitarist Christina Puerto (Bethlehem Steel) and new drummer Dylan Teggart (A Deer A Horse) and John Russell on bass.

Chicago’s Salvation brews together a strange mixture of sounds and genres in a bizarre yet strikingly inventive way. Noise Rock, Punk and Grunge are injected into both vocals and the instruments that make up the band, swirling together to create a sound all its own. The vocals are raw and commanding, seeming to simultaneously invoke both power and pain. The rhythm section remains the sludgy yet strong backbone while the guitar has an almost manic delivery, erratically tearing between full tone heavy riffs, unpredictable feedback and loose guitar solos. Salvation live performances have been repeatedly described as “a wild experience, bringing an unhinged energy and feeling of danger that has been missed back to Rock and Roll.”

“In an era of music during which the urge to define and dissect new genres competes only with the desire to ruthlessly consolidate old ones, Gentle Heat is refreshing in their purpose and consistency. Too lush to be relegated to post-punk or indie rock, and more sonically visceral than contemporary shoegaze, the Chicago quintet defies easy categorization in a way that makes their evolution as exciting to watch as it is to hear. By pure force of volume, Gentle Heat creates a sound all their own driven by propulsive rhythms and dissonant melodies. With their newest release Sheer, Gentle Heat reaffirms this commitment with surgical efficiency. Even the most formless sounds have purpose; ethereal soundscapes give way to humming, knotted feedback. The addition of vocalist/ keyboardist Sarah Clausen has enabled the project to dive deeper into the ambient aspects of their sound, blending the record into a knotted cohesive piece.
On Sheer, Gentle Heat pares down their formula to the point that every piece becomes essential and immediate even as they are weaving together layers of sound. According to guitarist/ vocalist David Algrim, “The idea for this project has always been to create sonically dense music viewed through the lens of pop structure. With Sheer, the goal was to refine that concept to its most concise form.” The result is a dynamic sound as likely to excite seasoned shoegaze listeners as it is to turn new heads in the back of the venue bar. While the lineup has changed since the band’s inception, Gentle Heat has maintained a musical coherence through their four releases that affords the germination of new ideas and fresh sounds while remaining reverent to their past. The synthesis of experience and influences offered up on Sheer marks a big step forward for the group, and with it, a momentum that is proportional to the energy of their sound.”