Local Love: Josephine, Chillona, Tommy Bravos

Tue, May 23 20:00
Local Love! **Josephine** makes a mix of alternative, indie, rock and pop. Her music can sound like 3 songs in one with soft vocals and driving guitars. After going as “Joz” pre-pandemic (where she made mostly pop music) she decided she needed a change in name, sound and style which led to using her full name “Josephine”. She currently has a music video and three singles out which can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc.  **Chillona** is the dark pop star that makes music for the girls to dance and cry to. Based in Chicago, Chillona got her start by taking every opportunity she could to be singing on stage- getting experience in pop, jazz, rock, and latin genres. Her songwriting reflects her influences in electropop and hyperpop combined with powerful vocals to make for a unique listening experience. **Tommy** is an art-pop composer who creates at the intersection of fantasy, nature, philosophy and reality, bringing audiences to deeper emotional experiences. Music is a form of energy, and tommy taps into all the sources of it that speak to him, exploring what can be made through the factors from which we form identity. His latest release is a transcendental album titled Adonis, modeling the orthodox divine liturgy to express how we process anxiety and the resulting growth that follows.
Doors open - 8:30 PM


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