Sleeping Village


w/ megiapa, Debbie Marie-Brown

Sunday, September 04
DOORS: 8:30pm | SHOW: 9pm
$8 / Day Of : $10

m!nes is an experimental psych-pop band formed in 2008 by multi-instrumentalist Bill Satek. With a live catalog that ranges from gentle, ethereal ballads to raging, feedbacking bangers, they’re equally at home playing in a basement as they are on a festival stage.

Chicago-based producer and melodist, megiapa, invites listeners on a sonic journey through deeply-rooted rhythms and crisp, futuristic soundscapes. Coming off her latest release, diddies vol.1, she continues to harness inspiration from eclectic corners to yield an ever-evolving, but distinguishable sound all her own ranging from lo-fi hip-hop and jazz to future r&b and electro-funk; always with an aim toward the Afro future.

DMB is a star on their own, but throw in the rest of the band and you’ve invited a meteor show to your show. Brown’s voice is original, vivacious, and agile. Their music will take you effortlessly between indie alternative, polyrhythmic beach rock, and singer-songwriter soul. Lyrically, Brown offers us medicinal words and melodies that critically explore intersecting themes of mental health, loving and being. DMB is joined by Jared Zvonar on lead guitar, Arya Woody on bass, Manae Solara on Drums and Glory Alieu on vocals.