Sleeping Village

'BUNNY' Album Release Performance

Mister Goblin

w/Black Seinfeld, Flowurz

Ages 21 and up
Saturday, July 09
DOORS: 8pm | SHOW: 9pm
$12 / Day Of : $14

When a rabbit is pounced upon by a predator its spine will break almost immediately, allowing them a quick and often painless death without having to endure the horrors that lie ahead. Mister Goblin, the burgeoning recording project of Bloomington’s Sam Goblin, named their new album Bunny in honour of the pet he keeps and that in-built defence mechanism the small mammal possesses. “The idea is that being more conscious of the fact that we’re all going to die and keeping that at the forefront might help us to live more fulfilling lives,” Sam says of the link, “especially at a time when things are so hard and death is all around us.” 
Released this spring via their home of Exploding In Sound Records, the follow-up to 2021’s Four People in an Elevator and One of Them is the Devil finds Mister Goblin in a more collaborative form than ever before. Where previous releases were fleshed-out solo efforts, here drummer Seth Engel and bass player Aaron O’Neill were given time and space to put their own spin on the blueprints Sam laid out in the initial demos, while other visions were also allowed to flourish – the likes of Andrew Krull, Matt Gatwood, and Sadie Dupuis were given carte blanche to do whatever they wanted with their own guest parts. 
That feeling of collaboration is tangible. Where previous LP Four People reflected the cramped apartment Sam wrote it in, this time around he allowed himself more space to sketch his ideas out, before taking the work to Chicago’s Ohmstead Studios where the album was recorded with Engel and Russell Harrison.  The result is an album that can be wildly, undoubtedly abrasive but is also chock full of (dark) heart. Melodies gleam and leap out of the swirling noise, out of the shadow – a nod to the louder post-punk outfits that inspired Sam on the new record: Failure, Jim O’Rourke, XTC, Burning Airlines, and Brainiac to pick out a handful.

Black Seinfeld is comprised of Chicago-based rappers and partners Malci (1/4 of WHY? Footclan) and Fluidi-G (WHY? Footclan affiliate). The duo approach art as equal parts confession and inventiveness, relying on lyrical imagery and immersive atmosphere to balance ever-shifting life perspectives. Malci, who began rapping and creating beats mainly in 2015, has played a critical role in Chicago’s DIY scene, releasing multiple projects on Bandcamp and various streaming platforms. Fluidi-G is a spoken-word poet by nature and rapper by trade. Known for making guest appearances at random, this is her first project.

Alternating seamlessly between spacey synths and introspective rhymes to bass-knocking beats matched with absurd trap raps, Black Seinfeld takes inspiration from the mundanity and hilarity of everyday living, trading champagne and bands for Highlife and fantasies of robbing the rich. The chemistry between Malci and partner Fluidi-G is as fluid as the ladder name suggests, from flirty auto-tune pickups to goofy bars suggesting their exaggerated plans for an unemployment check. Sample-heavy and experimental at times, Season 1 is art rap at its finest.  This is your regularly scheduled program. Enjoy the show.

Michael Flowers, otherwise known as Flowurz is a rapper and producer based out of Chicago, Illinois. Flowurz started producing music in college for fun but after graduating in 2017 he decided to move to Chicago and join fellow musicians to pursue music as a career. Since then, he has dropped 5 projects which can be found on all streaming platforms.

His production is sample heavy and takes influence from 90s and early 2000s rap. He adds an off-kilter experimental element to the older influences that gives his production a fresh and innovative sound. Lyrically, he focuses on painting a striking yet transparent picture so that listeners get a feel for what goes on in his life outside of music. He is engaged in a healthy lifestyle being a longtime vegan and a yogi, all of which are applied to his music that intrigues and encourages listeners to pursue or at least appreciate the lifestyle. He takes pride in a DIY approach to his music and for the most part produces, records, mixes and masters everything himself at his small home studio.
He is dropping his 6th project ‘Twists & Binds’ later this year.