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Modern Nun, Avery Springer, Mister Goblin

Ages 21 and up
Sunday, March 12
DOORS: 7:30pm | SHOW: 8pm
ADV $12 / DOS $15

Modern Nun is a lesbian rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band is fronted by Edie McKenna and accompanied by Lee Simmons on guitar and Haley Webster on drums. Over the past three years, Modern Nun has formed a loyal fan base with their captivating lyrics and catchy instrumentals. Their debut EP titled ‘NAME’ is available now on all streaming platforms and the band has released three singles in the summer of 2022.

Avery Springer is a Chicago singer-songwriter who has been writing and performing for 8 years. Her music is characterized by stream of conscious lyrics about how tough it really is to be a human. Springer grew up listening to punk music and has always carried that through her music as she’s experimented with different sounds over the years. From 2015-2021 she wrote and toured North America with her indie rock/emo band Retirement Party. With the band breaking up In 2022, Springer has been dedicating more time to her solo project and new musical endeavors.

Bunny, released via Exploding In Sound Records is the follow-up to 2021’s “Four People in an Elevator.” The new record finds Bloomington, Indiana’s Mister Goblin in a more collaborative form than ever before. Where previous releases were fleshed-out solo efforts, here Seth Engel and Aaron O’Neill were given time and space to put their own spin on the blueprints Sam laid out in the initial demos, while other visions were also allowed to flourish– Andrew Krull, Matt Gatwood, K Nkanza, and Sadie Dupuis were allowed to do whatever they wanted with their parts.

That feeling of collaboration is tangible. Where the previous LP reflected the cramped apartment Sam wrote it in, this time around he allowed himself more space to sketch his ideas out, before taking the work to Ohmstead Studios where the album was recorded with Engel and Russell Harrison (mixed by J. Robbins). The results are wildly, undoubtedly abrasive but is also chock full of heart. Melodies gleam out of the swirling noise, out of the shadow – a nod to the louder post-punk outfits that inspired Sam on the new album.