Sleeping Village

Moritat, Atticus Lazenby, Zander Raymond

Ages 21 and up
Monday, August 22
DOORS: 8:30pm | SHOW: 9pm


Sometimes called art rock and avant pop, Moritat is Venus Laurel, Corey McCafferty and Konstantin Jace. Their songwriting bond spans over a decade together, always pushing the musical boundaries.

Their much anticipated full length album “Vermilion” was 5 years in the making following their 2015 EP “High Plus Tight.” It is a culmination of the band’s journey, molding their unique progressions and unexpected rhythms into a more defined sound they call their own. The album features a horn section with James Davis on trumpet, Nick Broste on trombone, and Jacob Slocum on baritone sax. Vermilion is released through Quiet Pterodactyl. 

Atticus Lazenby is a musician with a multitude of interests. He improvises ambient electronic music; composes scores for dance, theatre, and video art; and plays a bass he built with his own two hands. Whatever he’s doing, the vibes will be good, the pocket will be tight, and the groove will be deep.


Zander Raymond is an interdisciplinary artist and musician working in Chicago, IL. In his visual work, he improvises with found materials, tools, and images to make drawings, prints, and sculptures that question the idea of productivity in a studio environment and serve as an autobiographical record of experience. His music is similarly rooted in improvisation, utilizing modular synthesizers and open-source sound computers to sample, warp, and build sonic images that embrace non-linear approaches to composition. Since 2018, he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as performances across Chicago.