Night 1: Chat Pile w/ Nerver, Urine Hell

Mon, Sep 25 8:00PM

Chat Pile – Death-grunge, sludge industrial from Oklahoma City.

Formed in late 2019, Chicago experimental metal band Urine Hell paints a sonic soundscape which encapsulates existential dread, paranoia, and self-loathing. Highlighted by singer Zach Lockwood’s panicked vocals and insane stage antics, the band’s music constantly shifts and churns; groovy bass riffs accompanied by slashing guitars and hypnotic drumming. They draw influences from bands like The Jesus Lizard, Slint, and Godflesh.

Urine Hell self released their first demo in late 2020, and has since released their debut EP, “Weakling”, on Already Dead Tapes. They are currently hard at work on their first LP.

Chat Pile
Doors open - 7:00 PM
Chat Pile
Urine Hell


General Admission $25
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