Wed, Sep 27 9:00PM

OTR crafts loving, buoyant electronic tracks bursting with optimism and catharsis. But the truth is, they are simply an extension of their creator, producer Ryan Chadwick. For him, making music began as an escape from strange, alienating circumstances, and has since blossomed into a burgeoning career with more than 200 million global streams, and a dynamic, ambitious sophomore album—Be Quiet, They’re Listening—due on Astralwerks in the summer.

Boasting an explosion of dreamy synths and polished percussion, the first single “Heat of the Sun” showcases the scope of emotion as well as meticulous attention to detail that elevates OTR’s work. His versatility is also on display on soaring tracks like “Forever” and addictive, swaggering cuts like “Leave You Behind,” each taking listeners on a journey through a vibrant soundscape of varied tempos and moods. “I won’t leave you behind, I won’t let you go to waste,” Bipolar Sunshine sweetly sings on the ethereal latter track. “I can’t leave you behind. Not today. Not today.”

Doors open - 8:00 PM
OTR - 9:00 PM


General Admission $15
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