Sleeping Village

Sarah Weddle, Cooper Kenward, Josephine

Ages 21 and up
Tuesday, September 06
DOORS: 8:30pm | SHOW: 9pm
$5 Show / $1 PBR Cans

Sarah Weddle and her band deliver the goods.


Cooper Kenward writes warm feel-good-even-if-you-feel-bad songs. Hailing from a small town in Northern California, he never really thought he would be making music at this age. It was always a hobby, a secret whispered into a Radio Shack mic in the back of a closet. After playing in a couple bands in San Francisco, Cooper moved to Los Angeles where he currently directs music videos and hangs out with his gingers, pitbull Bonnie Raitt and cat Willie Nelson.

Josephine makes a mix of alternative, indie, rock and pop. Her music can sounds like 3 songs in one with soft vocals and driving guitars. After going as “Joz” pre pandemic (where she made mostly pop music) she decided she needed a change in name, sound and style which lead to using her full name “Josephine”. She currently has three singles out and they can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc.