Sleeping Village

Album Release

Soft And Dumb

w/ Brinstarr, Morinda

Ages 21 and up
Friday, September 02
DOORS: 8pm | SHOW: 9pm
ADV $10 / DOS $12

Splaying dissonant chords against pop melodies in odd time signatures, Soft and Dumb explore gendered expectations, disembodiment, tenderness, and hardness. The duo met at college in Urbana, Illinois, where they gathered a dedicated following in the eclectic diy house show scene. Taking inspiration from Mitski, Soccer Mommy, Protomartyr, and Palm, Guitarist Elena Buenrostro and drummer Travis Newgren fuse singer-songwriter heartfeltness with jarring punk angularity. Soft and Dumb do all of their own recording, mixing, booking, and video production. Ferociously diy-minded and freshly returned to their hometown Chicago, Soft and Dumb have taken special care to craft an experimental album release show to remember.