Sunburned Hand of The Man

Thu, May 4 21:00
**Sunburned Hand of the Man** (aka "Sunburned") are a loose knit gang of musical artists from the wilds of Eastern Massachusetts. Founded in 1994 as a way to let off steam from years of obsessive weirdo record collecting and perversely decoding the hand jive of wanton talents from the psychedelic and punk rock hardcore scenes in the Boston zone Sunburned was born to be awesome. The nucleus of the group is a small ragtag contingent of fascinants completely focused on the idea of spontaneous composition within the framework of religious experience: the rock n roll EVENT Chicago preeminent space-punk band **Plastic Crimewave Syndicate** is led by Plastic Crimewave aka Steve Krakow (bellows/guiterror), Rob Rodak (bass rumble), and Jose "The Beast" Bernal (kit smash). The Syndicate's cosmic-scuzz jams have kept the freaks a-rollin and a-tumblin in the windy city for almost a decade, releasing several LPs (on UK labels Swordfish and Cardinal Fuzz) and opening for psychedelic-heavies like Acid Mother's Temple, Loop, Keiji Haino, Hawkwind, Kikagaku Moyo, Chrome, Josefus, Simply Saucer, Poobah, Quilt, Woods, Book of Wyrms, and many more. PCWS's heavy sound encompasses all from skittery no wave, monochord doom, damaged post-punk, kraut-motorik rhythms, and fried acid rock into their dangerous stew. The band's latest LP, "Space Alley" on Cardinal Fuzz/Lion Productions has received international accolades for its elemental skree.
Doors open - 8:00 PM
Plastic Crimewave Syndicate
Los Dug Dug's
Sunburned Hand of the Man


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