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SV 5 Year Anniversary Party:



Ages 21 and up
Friday, January 27
DOORS: 8pm | SHOW: 9pm
ADV $12 / DOS $15

Boldly throwing convention out of the window, Melissa Scaduto & Brady Keehn started Sextile in 2015. Combining the raw political energy of 70’s punk with intricately sophisticated structures from 80’s post-punk and synthwave, the genre-bending project gained a devout following in the Los Angeles underground. Evolving through several lineups during the A Thousand Hands and Albeit Living album eras, the project was paired down to the duo and their sound had grown to include elements of industrial and EBM by their 2018 release of the 3 EP. The EP was followed by a hiatus due to growing tension within the band. During that time, the two started new projects respectively – S Product, a collaboration between Scaduto and Kyle Harmon (Arkitect)  and Keehn with the techno-meets EBM leaning Panther Modern project.

Club Drippy is the amorphous moniker of Jonathon Freund, Chicago native and co-founder of electronic powerhouse Pixel Grip. Taking inspiration from sweaty raves, the ocean, and queer joy, Club Drippy absorbs and reflects his experiences through producing, DJing, and writing.

As resident DJ and promoter of DiSCOTHEQUE, Drippy presents his record collection with elements of synthpop, industrial, new beat, italo, and indie rock for an eclectic dance floor experience.

In addition to his work with Pixel Grip and Duke Davenport, Drippy released his ambient-techno debut EP ‘Made of Silk’ in December 2020.