SV PRESENTS: Greg Freeman w/ Resurrectionists at Cactus Club (MKE)

Mon, Jun 26 7:00PM

This show is at Cactus Club, located at 2496 S Wentworth Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207. Greg Freeman deals in biblical deluges, apocalyptic fever dreams, Floridian miscreants, and green mountain malaise. On his excellent debut LP “I Looked Out,” Gregs’s voice takes center stage, creaking, crooning, and cutting through clouds of static. The songs are linked together by a palpable urgency, whether it is the punch-in-the-face, careening momentum of “Tower,” the country-gazing guitar squall of “Souvenir Heart,” or the singalong finale of “Palms.” Careful arrangements and production choices bring out the best of the 7-piece band that ornament the album with pedal steel, horns, eerie strings, and tape warbles. Greg’s strong narrative songwriting is equally effective chronicling the demise of a 1920s ocean liner as it is documenting his own interpersonal uncertainties. The sounds on the record conjure up the feeling of driving around Chittenden County in the middle of winter, high beams on, slush on the floor mats. It’s hard for me to imagine a more promising debut record, and I can’t wait to see where this band goes next.

Milwaukee’s Resurrectionists is informed as much by the back-country wail of Dock Boggs as it is by the meticulous punk of Television, or Low in their most glacial moods. High lonesome songs, sometimes with shrieking banjo feedback. Featuring current and former members of WORK, Nutritious & Delicious, Brainbats, and Delicious Monsters.

Greg Freeman
Doors open - 7:00 PM
Greg Freeman


General Admission $14
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