The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir, Stander, What It Felt Like, Bussy Kween Power Trip

Thu, Jul 13 8:00PM

The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir are touring in support of their new album Slow Murder, venturing into longer form songwriting. their sound is deeply rooted in post-hardcore, mathcore, and 90s screamo styles but with this album we moved outside of that. Pulling elements from spidery noise rock (akin to Slint, Sprain, and The Jesus Lizard) and angular metal (akin to Yautja, the Melvins, and Full Of Hell), they harnessed a sound that is both more focused and more mature without deviating from our expected chaos.

The record was recorded by Scary of Black Tusk at Hidden Audio in Savannah, GA in February of 2022, and was mastered by Jonathan Nuñez of TORCHE at Nuñez Sound. It features guest vocals from GG and Pierce of SOUL GLO, as well as Logan Rivera of Gillian Carter.

Stander’s new album Vulnerable is out now on The Garrote (co-run by photographer Josh Ford and Brian Barr of Aseethe). Vulnerable is an unflinching reflection on emotional volatility and fragility, from existential dread to stagnance, incalculable grief to unbridled bliss. Recorded at Machines With Magnets with Seth Manchester (The Body, Liturgy, Lingua Ignota), the Chicago trio unravel the fabric of heavy music conventions and stitch their own distinctive jagged pieces into a mirage of atmosphere.

The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir
Doors open - 8:00 PM
The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir
What It Felt Like
Bussy Kween Power Trip


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